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Cetara, town of the fishermen, whose name actually comes from the latin cetaria "tuna" or from cetari "big fish vendors" tuna to be precise. The origins of this fisherman village date back to the medieval ages. The marine settlement had to have been constructed in the second half of the 9th century when a colony of Saracens established themselves here, then chased out towards the end of the that century. In 1030 the people of Cetara payed fishing taxes to the archbishop of Amalfi, while in 1120 the Duke Guglielmo assigned the right to the collection of the tenth that one paid for fishing activities in the Cetara sea to the Benedictine Monastery of Erchie. Around 988 the church of San Pietro was already functioning, around which it started to develop the settlement on the sea and hillsides. Cetara was protected on the north by mount Falerzio, while in the south, from the sea there was a belting wall equipped with turreted buildings and fortifications; the coastal defense of was further enhanced in the 16th century with the construction of a viceregal tower which today is a characteristic symbol of the town (La Torretta, or little tower). The people of Cetara, like all the inhabitants under the Duke of Amalfi, participated in the maritime activities and business of the small coastal state. In that time, the best fishermen of the Coast were actually the ones from Cetara whose sea was abounding in tuna, palamidi and mackerel. For their fishing they used a massive net of hemp and sparto, sustained on the gall with a huge amount of cork and stopped in the back with large hawsers and anchors. Like this the fishermen contributed to the economic development of the Duke of Amalfi, participating in the maritime activities and markets of the state. Today it is possible to spend days of real relaxation in one of our homes on the crown of the coast (Villa II Gabbiano).



. La Roccaforte: the Tower that goes across the valley of Albore continues almost straight in order to meet the old basin of Cetara that is wrapped around Mount Falerzio, partly verdant and rich in citrus and the other part a wild landscape. The last possession and border of the ancient Amalfi Duke of the eastern band of the coast, was stronghold of the Saracrens in 842 and in 879 in the time of  the siege of Salerno. The Turkish, in order to defend themselves from similar attacks, built the viceregal tower, currently used as private accommodations and in 2003 was bought back by the commune.



. Tuna Festival: every year in the month of July, the celebration of the Tuna Festival and of the other local products are renewed. It gives you a great chance to taste fish based dishes.



.  Abundance of Cetara Anchovies: it is the preservation of Slow Food. It is the noble descendent of the Roman Garum, used by the great imperial cook Apicio in order to prepare his banquets. Today this food is used in the kitchens of great chefs.

Picures from CETARA
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